At EUROCLEAN, we want to keep the environment safe! We use a mix of Wet Cleaning and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning to save millions of litres of water and huge amounts of energy while completely eliminating the discharge of harmful chemicals into the environment. You can to do your bit for Mother Earth by cleaning the EUROCLEAN way.

As perc gets discouraged all over the world for its cancer causing effects, Eco-conscious consumers would be interested in hydrocarbon cleaning which is the only viable alternative to perchloroethylene free (perc-free) dry cleaning, offered by us.
EuroClean intends serving the entire Country through a chain of Company owned and franchised stores, the only one in India offering both coin operated washers and dryers as well as Full service dry cleaning. At Euroclean, we recognize your clothes are an investment and as premium dry cleaners, we pamper, press, and perfect your clothes better than anyone else.

We gain from TOPSEC's experience of custom cleaning (including leather and suede) for decades so rest assured our dry cleaning and repair processes are a cut above.

Becoming a European Laundromat's customer means you will never find another missing button, or put on a shirt reeking of cleaning solvents again. Moreover, it means you can feel good about doing business with a garment care and dry cleaning expert who cares for your clothing in a safe, environmentally responsible way.

Not only are we a full-service on-site cleaner, but we also offer Italian machines and German chemicals for self use in case you would like to use our coin operated option. We do first-rate clothing restoration.

We clean curtains, drapery, bedding, comforters, and virtually anything else. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

Even when you use our coin-operated Washers and Dryers for a self wash you will be using the world's best Italian machines and German Detergents.
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