EUROCLEAN cares about the environment, the safety of our customers and our employees, and always has. We share your environmental values and want to make sure you know about it.

EUROCLEAN does not cut corners with your clothing, your fine linens, or anything else. The same goes for our cleaning processes. We offer a broad spectrum of EPA-preferred cleaning processes, including wet cleaning and hydrocarbon cleaning
The Green Way to Clean
We take our environmental responsibility seriously�. for our employees, our customers and our community. There's been a lot in the media regarding Perchloroethylene, or PERC, a solvent used for decades by dry cleaners. We have never used PERC. Instead we use a safe hydrocarbon solvent; which is the future of cleaning.
Our Process
Our dry cleaning equipment is the newest in our industry. We also use a �closed loop� cleaning system that keeps 100% of all solvents and gases from escaping into the atmosphere. We also use an advanced filtration process to recycle our solvent which helps keep your whites whiter and smelling fresh!
Our Affiliations
We've gone the extra step to educate and train our staff using the most eco- friendly practices available in our industry. TOPSEC are members of Green Cleaner's Council.
Reduce, re-use, recycle. A continuous process. We use biodegradable poly to cover your clothing. The poly that we do take back goes to a recycling center, not the landfill. We also make it easy to recycle hangers. We give you Rs. 2.50 off your next bill for each hanger returned.
Our Environment - Our Responsibility
Quality and safety for you and the environment
By introducing The "Total Quality Management System" based on TOPSEC STANDARDS, we can ensure consistent quality and absolute reliability in all divisions of our company.

SEITZ products and their unrivalled properties and performance are designed to comply with or even exceed Germany's strict statutory environmental regulations. CHLORINE FREE WASH All our washing is done using chlorine free detergents which remove all stains without damaging your garments or the environment.
Because we care about the environment!
The processes we use are natural and don't uses the , natural by-product of sand that doesn't chemically interact with fabrics. So it's better for your clothing, better for the environment and it doesn't cost any extra!

Feel the difference
You really can feel the difference . The pure, natural solvent is safe to use with all fabrics, including delicates. Dirt and stains are gently cleaned away leaving your clothes wonderfully soft to touch.

Smell the difference
You can really smell the difference too the natural solvent doesn't chemically interact with the fabric, so there's no unpleasant odour . Your clothes will smell really fresh instead of smelling dry cleaned!

Go green at no extra cost!

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