Euroclean is a tie up between the leading companies in the laundry industry; Renzacci, Italy - World’s Leading Dry cleaning Equipment manufacturer; Street's, American - World’s Leading Laundry Chemicals manufacturer since more than 125 Years ; and Topsec, Italy which has set up over 600 Outlets in Europe.


All our work is done on the premises to insure that we meet the highest standards in the cleaning business. What you see is what you get. Our experienced staff are trained by European experts to make sure that your clothing always looks and fits great. You can enjoy your favorite clothes longer as our processes will extend the life of your garments. This has been confirmed by tests in Laboratories.




At EUROCLEAN, we want to keep the environment safe! We use a mix of Wet Cleaning and Hydrocarbon dry cleaning to save millions of litres of water and huge amounts of energy while completely eliminating the discharge of harmful chemicals into the environment. You can do your bit for Mother Earth by cleaning the EUROCLEAN way.

As perc gets discouraged all over the world for its cancer causing effects, Eco-conscious consumers would be interested in hydrocarbon cleaning which is the only viable alternative to perchloroethylene free (perc-free) dry cleaning, offered by us.
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